EV charging powered by
Open Source

The solution to the future of EV charging
firmware is open source.

Electrification is changing the world. Electric vehicle (EV) charging is developing rapidly and now it’s all about making EV charging better. Reliable charging is key to ensuring that anyone can go electric.

Today, 10 – 25% of charging sessions fail. The firmware running on the chargers is the main issue. This is not surprising as every EV charger must work with every EV variant and all all connected apps and cloud software.

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Why Open Source


The larger the market and the number of different electric vehicles, EV chargers, operating systems, firmwares, cloud apps, mobile apps, etc. the more complex the challenges become. Open source software (OSS) is emerging as a key solution, offering enhanced security, seamless interoperability between different EV charging components and high reliability.

Our enterprise products are enabled by open source


Community Firmware for EV Chargers

LF Energy EVerest is an open source firmware stack for EV charging. It consists of multiple modules which can be configured and customized for any use case.


Enterprise Firmware for EV Chargers

Pionix BaseCamp is a commercial subscription service for EV chargers, including maitenance and updates. Pionix BaseCamp is based on LF Energy EVerest.


Maintenance Solution for Operators

Pionix SummiteerCloud provides functions for charger diagnostics. It comes with features to easily update chargers out in the field.

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