One does not simply plug it in and it charges…

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Charging an electric vehicle is easy, right? Well, actually it’s not. You only need to look at the charging infrastructure landscape.

There are a lot of standards (e. g. OCPP, DIN SPEC 70121, ISO 15118 …) playing a role. The standards are responsible for the different aspects of the charging process, e. g. the communication between the different players involved:

  • Electric vehicle (EV)
  • Local energy generation & batteries
  • Adjacent chargers (WIP)
  • Grid
  • Clound back-ends, e. g. payment providers
  • User (interface)

It's no surprise that, if the standards are not uniformly implemented, the result is a software patchwork that hinders compatibility. It’s time to fix the ecosystem!

This is where the open source project EVerest comes into play.

The EVerest project aims to create a broad ecosystem, connecting the different stakeholders. With its implementation of the most commonly used protocols, EVerest enables an easy and comfortable connection to many external stakeholders.

At the last LF Energy Summit, Piet Gömpel from Pionix has given a lecture "Technical Introduction to Everest, the operating system for EV charging infrastructure".

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