Pionix BaseCamp is a subscription-based operating system for EV chargers, including maintenance and updates. It's based on the open source software & firmware stack EVerest.

Are you fed up with handling thousands of pages of rapidly changing standards? Do you want to get rid of unreliable patchwork software running on your EV chargers? Are you getting tired of lack of standardization, of developing commodity software and of fixing interoperability issues?

It's time to stop reinventing EV charging again and again. Instead, it's time to rely on consistent implementations of EV charging communications protocols and to deliver the perfect charging experience. It's time to choose BaseCamp, your safe route to EV charging.

Why BaseCamp


Compatibility through shared codebase

You’re all set through a standardized, hardware agnostic software stack.

  • Out of the box support for EV charging communications protocols, e.g. OCPP 1.6, OCPP 2.0.1, OCPP 2.1 (in progress), ISO 15118-2/-20, IEC 61851, DIN SPEC 7012, CHAdeMO (coming soon)
  • Out of the box support for different types of hardware
  • Easy integrations through standardized APIs

Full power for your USPs

Free up much needed resources and focus on your value-creating areas.

  • Ensure standards compliance
  • Stay compliant with specific regulations
  • Custom features for your specific needs
  • Ready to go drivers for your hardware platform
  • Fast customization through “no code” configuration

Feel confident about security and maintenance

We take several measures to keep your EV chargers secure.

  • Following OpenSSF Best Practices
  • ISO/IEC 5230 open source license compliance
  • X.509 PKI signed updates
  • Securing communication channels through HSM/TPM
  • Provision of test reports

Be prepared for what's next in EV charging

Whatever comes, with BaseCamp you subscribe to the future.

  • Regular updates, including fixes and new features
  • OTA service to keep your EV chargers up-to-date
  • Automatic feature roll-out
  • Benefit from using new and extended modules

BaseCamp. The safe route to EV charging.

What you get on top

A large network and a strong community!
We are very well connected and actively participating in relevant working groups and boards.

We actively test BaseCamp with different EVs on Testivals, including pre-series vehicles.

BaseCamp entails access to a manufacturer cloud, the one place allowing you to monitor your charging stations in the field.


Ready to get started?

Reach out to us today to explore how we can change EV charging for the better! 


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