Kevin Sartori joins Pionix’ Board

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We are thrilled to announce that Kevin Sartori joins Pionix as member of the Board. After studying robotics and control Systems at ETH Zurich, Kevin worked at a drone start-​up in Silicon Valley before he co-​founded drone company Auterion in 2017. Auterion develops an operating system for drones that drives open-source standards, aimed at solving the integration complexities between hardware, components, and software.

Time to get to know Kevin.

A few words about myself

Born in Argentina and raised in Switzerland's Italian region, my fascination with planes and cars led me to study mechanical engineering and robotics at ETH Zurich. My career began in the automotive industry, where I co-founded AMZ Racing, a Formula Student Team that set the electric car world acceleration record. This was followed by a stint at BMW in the innovation and fuel consumption strategy department, and then as a strategy consultant at BCG, supporting automotive OEMs and suppliers.

In 2014, after moving to the Bay Area for my MBA at Berkeley, I joined 3DR, a pioneer in the drone industry. There, I played a key role in their transition from hardware manufacturing to a focus on enterprise software. My experience at 3DR was the stepping stone to co-founding Auterion in Zurich in 2017. At Auterion, we developed an operating system for drones that drives open-source standards, aimed at solving the integration complexities between hardware, components, and software I observed in the drone industry.

​​More recently, I've ventured into the realm of AI, establishing a venture lab that empowers companies and founders to harness its potential. With my background in the automotive and drone industries, with a track record of translating technology into customer value and building open-source ecosystems, I’m excited to join the board of Pionix and help the team drive the next growth phase.

What connects me with Pionix

My connection to Pionix stems from two main aspects. Firstly, while I was at 3DR and Auterion, driving the drone industry with an open-source approach, the Pionix founding team was working in the same industry at Intel, but with a proprietary approach. Our paths in the drone industry, although different, have given us both unique insights and 'war stories' to share.

What really connects me to Pionix now are two things. The first is their strategy which reminds me of Auterion’s open-source playbook. Like us, Pionix is trying to bring together various industry players into a unified ecosystem. This approach is about collaboration and working towards mutual benefits, a model I deeply resonate with.

The second connection I see is in the challenges faced by the EV charging industry which are similar to what we experienced in the drone industry around 2015. Just as in the drone industry back then, manufacturers and suppliers in the EV charging sector are reinventing the wheel and are struggling with software integration and defining clear value propositions for customers. These parallels draw me to Pionix as I see an opportunity to apply the lessons learned from my past experiences to help navigate these challenges.

What are your motivations and goals with Pionix?

I strongly believe in the open-source approach that Pionix is spearheading in the EV charging industry. My experiences in the drone sector, as well as lessons in other areas like cloud computing and databases, have shown the immense benefits of open-source standards. They foster deeper collaboration between companies, quicker innovation, and faster delivery of value to customers.

In my view, reinventing the wheel represents one of the most futile wastes of resources and talent. It's particularly crucial to avoid this in fields like Electric Mobility and Logistics, which are pivotal in driving decarbonization efforts. The technological, business, and regulatory challenges in this arena are immense and cannot be tackled effectively by a single entity. The industry needs a new approach to collaboration and resource allocation.

This is where Pionix steps in. They are not just asking these critical questions but also providing compelling answers to them. By joining Pionix, my goal is to contribute to this innovative approach, ensuring that the EV charging industry evolves in a way that is efficient, collaborative, and beneficial to all stakeholders involved, ultimately aiding in our collective efforts towards decarbonization.

What makes Pionix clearly stand out

Pionix stands out in the EV charging industry for more than its pioneering approach to open-source technology and the sector's fast-paced growth with key environmental impacts; it’s the exceptional team that clearly stands out.

My belief in Pionix's potential solidified after meeting the founding team. There's an undeniable strength in a group of founders who have successfully built companies together and have chosen to embark on this journey again. As someone who has founded and scaled companies, I recognize this as a critical yet often undervalued superpower that can significantly amplify a company's success.

The founder's vision and their grit to improve the EV charging industry, combined with the rapid adoption of EVerest from customers and the fast-growing industry is an extraordinary synergy. This combination has massive potential and positions Pionix uniquely in the market

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We are thrilled to announce that Kevin Sartori joins Pionix as member of the Board.
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