Partnership Announcement

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We are excited to announce our project partnership with iLumen, one of the largest Photovoltaik players in Belgium. We will enable iLumens next generation DC charging stations powered by EVerest

Utilizing the EVerest open source community and flexible software architecture we are integrating topics like ISO15118 and bidirectional charging as well. 

Marco Möller (CEO PIONIX): “Building their unique features on top of EVerest enables our customers to focus on their USPs instead of wasting resources for developing commodity code.”

iLumen is one of the largest and most reliable players in the Belgian PV industry. As a part of the U2P Group, which contains several companies active in renewable energy, they have an engineering and quality driven approach to holistic solar installations. We are thrilled to make progress for an innovative energy transition, collaboratively. 

Ismaël Ben-Al-Lal (Co-Founder iLumen): "Our vision is that if you want to walk fast, you have to walk alone. But if you want to walk far, just walk together. This is why we strongly believe in this open source community for IP sharing in order to achieve better services and products that facilitate the energy transition.”

iLumen and Pionix came into contact through the network of a potential investor. Ismaël Ben-Al-Lal, the co-founder of iLumen, then evaluated the EVerest technology and approved it. At the Power2Drive trade fair, PIONIX and iLumen met for the first time in person. This meeting laid the foundation for the cooperation between PIONIX and iLumen. Since the beginning of this year PIONIX and iLumen are working together on creating a more sustainable future.

As an example, iLumen is intending to launch an affordable 10 kW bidirectional residential CCS charging solution in the course of Q1 of 2023. This innovative solution will allow customers to connect their PV plant, battery system and electric vehicle with a bidirectional charging system to the grid.

We are happy to have iLumen as part of the PIONIX family!

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