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New Pod Point Solo 3S chargers running PIONIX BaseCamp installed at customers’ homes

745 million electrically driven miles: that's the equivalent of traveling from the Earth to the Sun and back, over 4,000 times. Or traveling over 30,000 times around the equator. This impressive distance has been facilitated by the 215 million kilowatt hours provided by Pod Point… so far.

Naturally, we are proud to have a customer with such an impressive track record! Pod Point is one of the earliest providers of electric vehicle charging in the United Kingdom. The company provides charging solutions for homes and workplaces and is leading the UK in its electric vehicle transition.

To innovate on its latest generation of EV chargers and continue to make charging easy and simple for its customers, Pod Point decided to harness the power of open source technology. And this is how we started working together.

With the support of PIONIX, Pod Point aimed to integrate ISO 15118 and OCPP to their chargers. To achieve that, the decision was made to run the upcoming new products with PIONIX BaseCamp.

We look forward to many more millions of miles traveled as the first Pod Point chargers Solo 3S, based on PIONIX BaseCamp, are being installed at customers’ homes across the UK. We’re proud of this milestone and are excited to continue on this journey with Pod Point!

Commenting on this milestone, PIONIX CEO Marco Möller said: “For a successful switch to e-mobility, we need reliable charging infrastructure companies with strong ideas and pioneering spirit. With PIONIX and Pod Point, two like-minded companies met - we both have a proven track record and know how to scale solutions to a broad market. I’m delighted to see the product now live and I’m sure we will continue to celebrate its success.”

Keith Robertson, VP of Engineering, added: “Working with Pionix enabled us to focus on Pod Point’s competitive advantage of making our chargers easy to install and use. We were able to quickly integrate our customer value driven features with their open source charging platform — ensuring differentiation and a faster route to market.”

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New Pod Point Solo 3S chargers running PIONIX BaseCamp installed at customers’ homes. With the support of PIONIX, Pod Point integrate ISO 15118 and OCPP to their chargers.
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